About ben

Ben was our first dog. Our first child. And a complete maniac!


Ben is famous for tearing up our new couches, getting into his dad's shotgun shells, and nearly maiming me with a pork chop bone. But he's better known for being patient, funny, and gentle in spirit. He loved to swim, he loved to play ball, and he loved his mom and dad. Almost as much as we loved him! We've had many, many dogs since Ben, but none of them will ever replace him. He brought a unique love to our home. One that we returned with gratitude, affection, two new sofas, a trip to the ER, and a dip in a frosty creek.

Ben was our first pack leader.


Ben not only got himself into trouble, he taught his younger brother the way of the Lab. They tore up pillows, chased squirrels, got into the trash, and ran away from home. More than once. But for all the tomfoolery, he also looked after his half-blind brother. Helping him through life and teaching us that love comes on four legs, as much as on two. He was smart and obedient, and was our very first pack leader. Without him, Bosco would never have gotten into half the trouble he did...

Ben taught us to be patient and kind.


Although he was a handful, Ben was also a majestic and patient companion whom we loved very, very much. He taught us to be patient, looking after his brother, even when it cramped his style. He was a great brother to Bosco, and a great companion to us!  (We unfortunately lost most of the photos from the first six years of our lives with Ben, when a leak in the roof destroyed them. The ones we have are sort of rough and marked with age. Like me. But we cherish them along with his memory!)