About Bosco

Bosco was our second addition. Our wild child. And Ben's best friend.


Bosco came to us after our first "let's have a baby conversation", and boy was Ben glad we got a puppy and not a baby! Well mostly, just not when he was covered in puppy poop...  They played ball, tore up our pillows and made a mess of our lives. But they also made our house feel complete. They kept the lonliness away, for us, and each other.

Bosco was loyal to the end.


When Ben ran away, Bosco went with him. When they tied Ben up, Bosco still stayed. When Ben was sick, Bosco laid by his side while he was getting IV medication. He was wild and fun and had a fetish for my left shoes. But he was also loyal to the end and never, ever left Ben's side. When Ben died, a bit of Bosco's spark went out. It wasn't long after, Bosco went too. But, at least now, Ben has somebody to play ball with!

Bosco taught us to be happy, even when you have some challenges.


Bosco had seizures as a baby and lived most of his life nearly blind as a result. He still swam and played ball and managed to get into as much trouble as we could handle. He ate my shoes, humped our friends, and made our life a shitty mess. But, he also taught us to have fun and enjoy life, even when it's not perfect. That there will be challenges, but you get in the water and swim like hell anyway!