About Buddy Lee

Buddy Lee is where it all began. He was our very first rescue dog!


Rob rescued Buddy Lee while on duty one evening, and after some badly told lies and a bit of our savings, the rest became history. Buddy Lee is the reason we believe dogs need a hero. Someone to champion for them and keep them from harms way. Buddy Lee is the reason we believe in protection for life! He ate our candy, helped himself into the fridge, peed on my presents, and brought us to tears more times than I can count. But he also loved us more than I thought possible. He was truly worth every bit of it!

Buddy Lee was the best, most horrible, amazing and awful dog we've ever had.


We thought the Labs were a handful, boy were we wrong! Buddy Lee chased the cats, he chased the mailman, and ruined more than one holiday after he came to live with us. He taught us about dog proofing, crate training, and what not to do when you have a Pit Bull. Buddy is known for being a mischievous magician who got into more trouble than he (and we) could handle. But he's also know for being sweet and loving and teaching us that it's ok to be ourselves.

Buddy Lee sparked a fire that now burns out of control.


Finding Buddy Lee, rescuing him and giving him a loving home and protection from the world lit a spark in us. We continued to help dogs in need and went on to rescue nearly forty more dogs. Not all of them snuck out of the yard, or got hit by cars, or jumped out of moving cars, but all of them are just as grateful as he was. Buddy Lee was one of the greatest dogs we have ever had, and thanks to his beautiful doggie spirit, many other dogs have been saved. He started the Buddy System, and we're so glad he did!