Apply to be on Beth's book review team!!


 If you've read anything about her, you know Beth has more things to do than there is time in the day to do them all. She clearly needs help. (That's an understatement...) 

If you'd like to be on Beth's book review team, helping her proof and edit new books before they hit the shelf, use the contact form below. Simply put "book review team" in the message and she'll get back to you. (Once the laundry is caught up and all the peiners have been fed, of course...) 

The most articulate (and spoiler-free) reviews will be shared on social media marketing sites with more than a million followers, so dust off those reading glasses and get out that thesaurus. It's time to go to work! (Except you won't get paid. Well the book is free, but it's still probably not worth the time you spend, like at a real job. But, anyway, if you're still interested...)

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Find a typo? Have a question? Want to know if Shorty ever pooped that credit card he ate? Drop us a line! Shorty can't read, but Beth welcomes your emails.

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