About Dodge

Dodge was our second puppy, and our second "baby".


Dodge was rescued from a fighting ring right at the time I asked for a baby. (Again.) He was barely six weeks old, but was full of himself right from the start. He bit the other dogs and took their food, he was a tyrant, but we couldn't help loving him. Neither could the other boys, thankfully. No matter how hard he made it to do so...

Dodge was the parvo pup. (Well, the first one...)


Dog was the first of our boys that made us face death. He was our first rescue puppy, and our first parvo pup. Luckily, he was resilient, and refused to give up. He kept his quirks, like nursing his arm, and got into his share of trouble through the years, but grew into a strong, and happy dog. I think he was grateful to have us, although you'd never catch him saying it ... 

Dodge taught me that it's ok to be a grouchy old man (or woman).


Dodge was a grouchy old man. Even when he wasn't old. I think that's where I get it. We both got old before our time. But, sometimes, his crotchety attitude came in handy. He tried to help me raise the Peiners when they came along, biting the scruff of their necks and growling when they misbehaved. He was the only one with enough guff to take them on! Not that it helped. I think we both failed at our attempts to boss them around.  But I learned from him that sometimes it's ok to be a grouchy old man. Hell, it might even be exactly what you need!