We're about as deep as a teaspoon, but here ya go...


Are You A 501(c)3 charity?

It's a goal, but at this moment no. I've never been able to justify spending thousands of dollars (in fees) when what I need is thousands of dollars (to care for the dogs)...

Will you always be in rescue?

Nope. I'm up for parole in 5-7 years, for good behavior. After that, I'm heading to Harry Potter's Wizarding World! We'll always have dogs, and I'll always help out others, but I'm 308 years old now. It's time to slow down!

Do you ever wish life had been different?

Of course. Don't we all? But then I look around and see what our sacrifice has meant. Sweet, grateful dogs have a family and full bellies because we got into rescue. I wish a lot of things, but not having even one of these dogs isn't on the list.

How much do you spend on dog food?

People are always shocked, but let's just say the folks at Chewy love us! We spend about a thousand a month on that site. But, I guess when you do the math, that's only about eighty bucks a month per dog. So, average I guess?

Will you write more books?

Absolutely. I plan to write at least four more. This first book is just an intro into our world. These first eight dogs were a walk in the park compared to what's to come in the next edition! (I might even write a few children's books. Although, I'm not sure how to stop cussing...)

How do you stay sane?

Well, that's a relative term, but I cry a lot. I'm kidding! I'm not kidding, but that's not the trick. I have a great partner and when it's too much, he steps in. I take long showers, I read, I workout, and I watch A LOT of Harry Potter. I feel a lot like him some days...