About Miss Seven

Seven was the best accidental rescue we've ever had.


I had no intention of keeping the stowaway that came to us during a storm, I tried to take her to the shelter. But Rob wasn't hearing of it. Leaving this gorgeous girl in a place like that. And as I turns out, she would repay his kindness by saving Mr. Fester's life. Seven was a goofy and gracious dog. Kind to the cats and all the dogs alike. She ran like the wind and enjoyed every second of it. She was truly a great dog!

Seven started feminism in our house.


She was the first girl in the house, but she wasn't afraid to take on those boys! She was our peacekeeper and the sheriff and there were no shenanigans while she was around. She kept everyone's ears washed and nails trimmed, and even kept the litter boxes cleaned. Miss Seven wasn't wanted by her first family, but she definitely was by her forever family! We loved and cherished her, and she loved us right back!

Miss Seven taught us to take care of each other.


She was the kind of dog who other dogs would lay with when they were scared or sick. Her presence made our house a better place to live, for everyone involved. She ran when someone needed to chase, she groomed when someone needed to be fixed up, and she quieted more than one storm before it became a hurricane. She taught me to be happy and to run when you can, bark when you need too, and that sometimes all someone needs is your presence. I would have really missed out on something special if I had left her at that shelter! What an amazing girl!