About Moose

Moose was the most expensive free dog we've ever had.


Moose was rescued after being stolen and was given to us during a time of tragedy for his original family. He was free, but he managed to cost a lot! He had to have several surgeries during his life, but he never lost his spark. He looked after Mr. Fester as a baby, and he kept our pack in line. He was the GD dog, but everyday I wish I had him here to help me!

Moose was our pack leader.


Moose was a gentle giant, but he was also our pack leader. He kept the peace and boy did we need it! Ben and Buddy submitted to Moose's lead, and it kept them from fighting. We had no idea how much we needed him until he came, and we still miss him to this day! Because, there is just nothing like a good pack leader!

Moose taught us that balance is key.


Moose was one of he most balanced dogs we've ever had. He taught us to be stoic and press on, even when you're in pain or going through hard times. He taught us that your energy is everything. That balance is the key to a calm and happy pack. Both two, and four-legged. We've only had a few dogs with his energy, and they always bring a sense of order to the house. A calm that I can't seem to master for myself.