About Fester

Fester was the first dog who broke my heart with his cries.


Fester had the most soulful cry I've ever heard in my entire life. It broke my heart the first time I heard it, but it got him a family and forever home. I just couldn't say no to that pitiful, scabby, puppy face and so we ended up with a new bed partner. He grew to be my best friend in the entire world, and was one of the most gentle spirits I have ever encountered. I am so glad that I answered his cries. It was an honor to be his mom!

Fester was too good for us.


The stories I'll tell about Fester won't involve chewed up shoes, destroyed furniture, or near death experiences. He never did any of those things. He was too much of a gentlemen to engage in shenanigans like that. He would rather spend his time cuddling on the couch, with his head tucked under my chin, or running through belly high grass with his friends. He never chewed the hardwood floors, stole food from the fridge, or chased the cats. He was just too good. Way too good for us!

Fester taught us to be brave.


Fester came to us covered in demodex and suffering from its effects. He was sore and sick and had open wounds all over his body, but he never growled or got angry when it was time for a dip. He sat patiently through every treatment, never holding it against us. He was brave and stoic and one of the most patient dogs I have ever met. He taught us to be brave when you have to face something, and to not be bitter because of it. He was so grateful and so affectionate, and I'm convinced I'll never have another dog as good as him!